June 12, 2017


Solutions Provider

As an Independent Systems Integrator, Pro-Tech builds on a breadth of experience, which spans a multitude of industries, processes, controls systems, and controls hardware. We can provide solutions to your specific process or controls problems that we have previously engineered for other industries. Our ability to draw from real experiences in different industries results in unique, unprecedented solutions to your particular problem, creating a competitive advantage for your firm. Pro-Tech can bring these types of SOLUTIONS to your company.

Software Solutions

We will provide software analysis, specification, design, coding, testing, installation, and training for computer systems.

Operator Instruction / EPA Contact Hours

Shop Floor Control Systems

We provide shop floor (level 1) controls systems including PLC, PC/AT, and minicomputer-based systems. These systems control machines or processes and typically provide color graphic operator interfaces and fault annunciation. The PC/AT based systems can be purchased software packages configured for process control or data acquisition. These systems can be supplied with installation, training, start up, and documentation included

Distributed Control Systems

We can configure and engineer various DCS’s as small as two controllers to large systems with many processors, RTU’s, loop controllers, and computer data acquisition. These systems provide a wide variety of control capabilities including multi-loop control, sequencing, data acquisition, communication, and centralized data concentration and analysis. Pro-Tech can provide the hardware engineering, process design, software programming and configuration, installation, calibration and start up for your custom DCS

Telemetry / Networking Systems

Telemetry systems starting with simple instrumentation signal transmission, RTU’s performing either control and data acquisition for centralized control and distributed control systems utilizing cellular and wireless point to point communication. We configure and interconnect computer systems, which are previously not networked. We can provide the custom interface computer, which connects the MIS computer with the shop floor. These systems include networked PC’s, PC to PLC communication, and Cell Computer to shop floor.