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Consumer trends, inventory management, traceability, and regulatory stringency are real challenges. PTSG is ready with process solutions giving an opportunity to put your focus back on quality products and market strategies.


We don’t need to tell you how competitive the brew making industry is and that the process is very complicated and needs a close watch to keep you from considerable loss. Whether you are batching the mash or Cleaning in Place after the run, timing and reliable information are critical, end to end. PTSG lets you do what you do best and gives you the right system to get it done.  PTSG will give you the visibility and insight you need into your process. From mash optimization to brew kettle and fermentation monitoring and then getting the flow measurement accurate for taxation, we know you need data at every point and at all times. We know your processes don’t stop and we are here to help 24/7/365.

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Common Brewery Monitoring and Automation

Quality control monitoring to reduce

Product waste
water and utility consumption


Improve environmental safety

High accuracy Flow, Temperature, and PH Monitoring to reduce

High accuracy Temperature, and PH Monitoringreduce

Power consumption monitoring

Continuous Chemical Analyzation (as opposed to tasting)

High accuracy Temperature, and PH Monitoring

Density measurement

High accuracy flow

Final pass water analyzation

Gas monitoring


Top Quality, Efficient Dairy Production Through “Best in Class” Process Controls Systems
PTSG understands that our customers in the dairy industry must comply with certain regulatory requirements, so we design our control systems to integrate seamlessly with your dairy production processes. Our experts work with you every step of the way to ensure that your system meets the needs of your business.
To ensure sustained maximum quality and productivity, PTSG regularly provides the latest automation technology and process control systems.


  • Receiving and Interplant Transfer.

    Flow Measurement

  • Density and Aeration Analysis

    Remote Monitoring
    Tank Level Control
    Temperature Control

  • Storage and Buffer Tanks

    Level Controls and Monitoring
    Temperature Control

  • Emulsion and Homogenization
    Sonicator Control
    Temperature Control
  • Separation and Standardization
    Flow and density monitoring and Control
  • Pasteurization
    Temperature Control
    Hot water actuator controls

Cheese and Processed Cheese

  • Automated Processes for:

    Fermenting, Rennet, Coagulation, Milling, Salting, Molding, Ripening, Cutting
    Coating Detection
    Mass Balance and Flow Measurement

  • Density and Aeration Analysis

    Remote Monitoring
    Tank Level Control
    Temperature Control

  • Molding and Ripening

    Valve manifold controls
    Mold equipment controls

  • Temperature Control & Steam

    Packaging atmosphere monitoring
  • PH Measurement
    Flow and density monitoring and Control

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  • Automated Processes for:

    Pretreated milk, Culture, Incubator, Cooling, Filling, Packaging

  • Mass Balance and Product Quality

    Waste Management

  • Storage and Buffer Tanks

    Level Controls and Monitoring
    Temperature Control

  • Fermenter Incubator

  • Heat Treatment/ Thermal Control Filling
    Level Control
  • Yogurt Packaging

Ice Cream Making

  • Intake, Cooling, Aging, Aeration, Continuous Freezer, Added ingredients, Molding, Bar forming, Blast Air Freezing
  • Mass Balance

    Air Inlet Measurement and Control
    Aeration Analysis

  • Aeration

    Level Controls and Monitoring
    Temperature Control

  • Ingredients

    Batching and Flow Control

  • Temperature Control

  • Temperature
    Ammonia Level Control
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