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PTSG automation professionals have played a key role in ensuring reliable water supply to hundreds of communities by providing and improving water process automation. Projects have included developing and installing process control and SCADA systems for major metropolitan water and wastewater plants.

Settling for Lower Water Quality to drive down Cost and get more Output?

The ease of a well-designed and implemented automated system can’t be overstated. Our systems can be tailored to maintain and distribute a high-quality water supply. PTSG’s experts bring over thirty years of experience to the design and installation of both Control Systems and SCADA Systems for water treatment and distribution plants.  PTSG’s innovative solutions will help your water treatment or distribution facility tackle evolving design, installation, and security challenges. As a leading systems integrator, our skilled automation team blends extensive technical and installation knowledge with design and automation dexterity.

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Water Treatment

We Share Your Passion for Supplying Quality Water Efficiently and Safely!


Wastewater Treatment

Stay Compliant and Keep Your Operational Budget Under Control


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Oil and Gas Operations

You need data from critical production processes including downhole pressures, production rates, artificial lift systems, separators, tank levels, compressors, chemicals, custody transfer, gas processing, and more. PTSG brings it all together giving you the operational insight you need.


Well Head - Tank - Flow Back - Water Hauling - Gathering Systems


Process Plant - Compressor and Pump Stations - Pipeline


Tank Farms/Batteries - Custody Transfer


Improve and expand your manufacturing capabilities with PTSG automation solutions.
Using smart manufacturing technology will help you optimize your production process from design to manufacturing and create differentiated, competitive, and cost-effective products to meet and

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A web of sensors are placed throughout the farm in key locations to gather crucial data, which are streamed to the cloud

The data is compared and run through different prediction models to help fashion a strategic roadmap for the farmer to achieve optimal growth.

The farmer receives these essential actionable insights based on which he can take appropriate actions and make plans that will help him to reach higher productivity and gain.

Smart Farm

Maximize Production with IIoT Based Smart Farming Systems

Gain priceless data and have in-hand actionable insights for your farm or ranch.  

With an automated irrigation & fertilizer schedule you can achieve optimal growth from farms recieving AI-powered maximum ROI


Power Automation and Monitoring Solutions Delivering Reliability and Scalability Work with a team of trained, certified professionals with the skills needed to deliver power generation solutions. We leverage best practices gained from working in related industries, such as oil and gas and manufacturing.

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