Data Quality is only as good as your Instrumentation

PTSG Instrumentation Technicians are qualified to implement manufacturer procedures to keep your  industrial instruments at peak performance

PTSG is a trusted source for industrial instrument calibration. Precision instruments are vital for industrial process quality, efficiency, and integrity. The reliability and accuracy of the devices require qualified service, calibration, and maintenance. We are ready to assist with the planning
and design of instrumentation processes. If you have one flow meter or a complex Flow Measurement System, a single sensor, or an intricate Distributed Sensor System, we have the expertise to install, repair or replace an entire system or a single device. Whether its certified calibrations or any other manual entry data, be prepared for regulatory audits with our automated documentation system,

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Safety Instrumentation

PTSG has a unique process to implement industrial safety instrumented systems. We integrate intimate knowledge and experience with control system hardware and field instrumentation to ensure that Safety Instrumented Functions (SIFs) are clearly defined.  Flame and gas detection, Seismic/Vibration Measurement, Corrosion and Erosion Monitoring, and Hygienic and Sanitary Measurement are some of the critical safety instrumentation that can’t be neglected. When the safety of your personnel and others rely on accurate measurement and analytical devices, leave it to the experts at PTSG to maintain the reliability of your sensors, meters, and alarms.

We Provide Services for These Instruments and More

Flow Meter

Level Gauge

Gas Analysis

Temperature Sensor

Pressure Gauge

Level Sensor

Liquid Analysis

Temperature Sensor

Pressure Sensor

Temperature Gauge

Density and Viscosity Analysis

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