Wastewater Treatment

Complete Automation Solutions for Quality and Compliance 

We understand the economic, regulatory, and technical demands that affect the wastewater industry

From SCADA and Business Integration to Process Automation with motor control and other field devices, PTSG provides solutions that give you the power to control your operation and your budget!
Wastewater Operations can spread many miles with many geographic and infrastructure challenges. PTSG telemetry experts design the right solutions for your remote monitoring and control needs, from survey to commissioning and ongoing support.
Whether it’s the treatment facility or the collection system, we implement robust, tried, and tested technology to deliver the reliability you need.

Common Wastewater Treatment Services​

Wastewater Treatment Plant Automation for:

Sediment traps

Sand/grease traps



Secondary settlement tanks

Digestion towers


Activated carbon filters


Stormwater overflow basins

Wastewater Treatment Plant SCADA
        • Programming

        • Design

        • Integration

        • Alarms

        • Remote Access

Remote Asset Monitoring and Control
        • Lift Station Monitoring and Control

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