Water treatment

Water Treatment

Exceed Compliance and Do More With Less 

We provide the automation, configuration, and integration services you need to control the water plant as well as booster stations, water storage, and distribution systems.

Improve Your Water Process

The ease of a well-designed and implemented automated system can’t be overstated. Our systems can be tailored to maintain and distribute a high-quality water supply. PTSG’s experts bring over thirty years of experience to the design and installation of both large and small PLCs and SCADA systems for water treatment and distribution plants.

Common Automation Solutions for


Mixing and metering processes

Coagulation and flocculation

Fixed-bed filtration


Reverse osmosis

Chemical Feed Systems


And More

Water Treatment Plant SCADA
        • Programming

        • Design

        • Integration

        • Alarms

        • Remote Access

Remote Asset Monitoring and Control
        • Pump Station Monitoring and Control

        • Tank Level Monitoring

        • Tower Level Monitoring

        • Reservoir Level Monitoring

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