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Solutions Provider

As an Independent Systems Integrator, Pro-Tech builds on a breadth of experience, which spans a multitude of industries, processes, controls systems, and controls hardware.

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Software Solutions

We will provide software analysis, specification, design, coding, testing, installation, and training for computer systems.

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Operator Instruction

Pro-Tech always provides the necessary training to our customers to provide confidence in the systems we provide. Training sessions are always custom tailored to meet the requirements of the customer. Pro-Tech will provide custom sessions on demand.

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Networked/Communication Systems

We configure and interconnect computer systems, which are previously not networked. We can provide the custom interface computer, which connects the MIS computer with the shop floor. These systems include networked PC’s, PC to PLC communication, and Cell Computer to shop floor.

Pro-Tech Systems Group offers EPA certified contact hour training classes on many various topics relevant to the water and waste water industries.

We offer various levels of Service Contracts to provide our customers with top notch service 24/7, 365 days a year.

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