Manual Orders and Recipes are a Challenge to Efficient Metals Production – Digital Plant Floor is the solution with Mobility@Work

Process automation in a Metals production facility requires in-depth knowledge of the dynamics of the linear process as a whole and the macro, and micro-processes within.  PTSG partners with your team to optimize your system.  There are many variables that affect each step of production from product mixture and blending to scheduling and inventory.  PTSG has solutions for linear processes including MES, OEE solutions, and the digitization of manual operations. 

Metals Process Solutions

Coke oven, blast furnace, reheat, EAF, BOF, EOF, LMF, and LRF controls
Caster controls

Boiler, turbine generator, and turbo blower control
Water treatment and utility controls


Control system Design

SCADA Development

Downtime tracking




Digital Plant Floor

Modern and legacy control systems

Plant information systems design and implementation

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