PTSG provides the consultation, installation, and end-to-end service you require. We have the expertise, resources, and technologies to handle harsh up-stream environments and any demand.

Costly Manual Data Collection, Instrument Malfunctions, and Delayed Telemetry Transmission and Response Can Be Catastrophic

Apart from your operators, wellheads and their appurtenances, are your most important production assets. The instrumentation fixed to this equipment has the information you need to operate and keep your employees, and the public, safe. From instrument selection to SCADA training with continued support and the telemetry system in between, we’ll be your proactive partner “in the patch”.

Common Wellhead Solutions

Tube, Casing, and Line Pressure Monitoring

Tube, Casing, and Line Pressure Monitoring


Gas detection Alarming

Security Video

Flow Meter Monitoring

Produced Liquids Separation Analyzation and Level

End to end telemetry solutions

Leak Detection Alarming

Flame detection Alarming

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