IIoT & Virtualization

To maintain high levels of production efficiency, manufacturers require real-time visibility into factory processes using IIoT and Virtialization.

PTSG’s IIoT solutions and technical experts help you accomplish your Industrial IoT vision across the entire product life cycle, so you can focus on your design. Moreover, as a platform-independent integrator, PTSG can help select the right hardware and software to overcome common data acquisition challenges, eliminate network bottlenecks, bandwidth limitations, data latency, and increasing infrastructure costs with Industrial IoT as opposed to using traditional, hierarchical network architecture.

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Why Virtualize?

Virtualization is the automation of existing manual and paper-based processes. Furthermore, it is enabled by the digitization of information; from an analog to a digital format. PTSG has many applications to move your company towards Digital Transformation.

Improved and intelligent connectivity between devices or machines

Increased efficiency

Cost savings and Time saving

3D Plant Model & Virtual Data Access

PTSG is a Pioneer in Virtual Plant and Point of Operation Resources

Besides 3D imaging, both mapping and tracking enhancements allow for additional benefits. These include access to data at the asset location and from remote points. Moreover, lower-level operators have access to O&Ms and other needed documents without leaving the site. Consequently, this saves time and reduces downtime and safety risks.

3D Scan & Virtualization | Case Study: Elyria City Water Plant


Digital Warehouse, Field and Plant Floor
Paper forms and reports create waste, increase data loss and health risks.

PTSG offers digital operational data process including:

Dispatch and Work Orders

Field Tickets



Time Records

Maintenance Updates

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These digital processes incorporate notifications, reports, access to document storage, and image capture and sharing.

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