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Process Automation

Pro-Tech Systems Group helps improve your control over complex, interactive processes while providing increased access to plant floor visualization.

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Helps to maintain high levles of production efficiency. Manufactures require real-time visibility into factory processes.
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Discrete Automation

Discrete automation from Pro-Tech Systems Group provides faster delivery times, options to customize products. More transparency and lower cost.
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Field Services

Pro-Tech Systems Group field engineers and technicians are qualified and equipped for many onsite services, from installation and repair to emergency service.
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Multiple facilities or one small plant, we provide centralized data and visualization and give operators the ability to act, as needed, from anywhere.
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Control Systems

Pro-Tech Systems Group has decades of proven experiences with controls and integrated systems. From a single PLC to an intricate DCS, we are equipped and ready to assist.
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Expert Automation Solutions

 Advanced Process Automation Solutions, IIoT, SCADA Systems, Control Systems, System Integration, & Network Telemetry.

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Welcome to Pro-Tech Systems Group, your partner for process automation solutions. Our skilled IT consultants specialize in upgrading computer networks, custom building applications software, and provide expert information technology services to meet your business requirements. Our dedication to improving workflow and performance is unmatched, and we’re committed to providing the support your company needs to succeed. Contact us today to see how we can benefit your business.

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Process Automation Solutions

IIot, 3D Scanning, Virtualization

Scada Systems

Field Services

Control Systems

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Pro-Tech Systems Group’s Process automation Solutions – Automation Experts: Streamlined Processes, Improved Efficiency, Advanced Technology.

Our team at Pro-Tech Systems Group helps businesses like yours run smoother with our automation services. We use the latest tech, like the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), to provide real-time data and insights. Our services include process automation, monitoring systems (SCADA), custom control systems, easy-to-use software, and 3D scanning.

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