Get Important Information Anytime, Anywhere, Even from Remote Locations with Telemetry

What is Telemetry?

Telemetry/Network Telemetry is a technology for remote measurement and reporting of data from systems, devices, and people. The collected data is transmitted to a central location for analysis. Pro-Tech Systems Group provides telemetry network monitoring services to improve decision making across various industries.

 PTSG has designed and implemented many network telemetry and wireless networks as small as point-to-point wire replacement applications to networks that encompass many cell modems and end devices. The execution of these projects has given us the experience to make PTSG the perfect partner to guide you through the labyrinth of issues that are faced before, during and after the execution of a monitoring and controls network project. Let us be your Telemetry Infrastructure Consultant!

Make Faster Decisions to Optimize Asset Performance and Improve Control

Telemetry for the Industrial IoT

The “Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT, Industrial IoT)” is the creation of wireless links that are used to connect Factory Automation, Asset Tracking, RFID, and Industrial Control Networks. The developing front line in wireless interconnectivity is Machine to Machine (M2M) data transfer. Valuable assets are monitored in “Real Time” by Low Power Remote Wireless Sensor Networks.  PTSG has been a pioneer in M2M applications for decades. We deliver the complete custom solution for your process.


Common Telemetry System Services and Solutions

Wirless Media System

Professional Mobile Radios (PMR) and Trunked PMR, Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA),4G and 5G Cellular, Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT), Bluetooth, Zigbee, Wifi, Microwave

Private Networks

Cable (TP, STP, Coax, Fiber)

Ethernet (Protocols; Modbus, Profibus, Profinet, BACnet, DeviceNet, etc...)

Lost Data and Delayed Controls Can Be Costly

Today’s telemetry solutions must be reliable, versatile, and comprehensive for executing long-range wireless data communications. Reliable Data, especially in a Remote Monitoring and Controls situation depends on a robust data transmission system. PTSG is a trusted and proven provider of complete telemetry solutions.

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